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The simple and inclusive way to recruit diverse, skilled, and committed tech talent.

We know that diverse, experienced software engineers are out there, wanting to return to the industry after a career break. Yet, the overwhelming majority of companies say their tech teams lack diversity.

Tech Returners was created to address this specific need. Our programme is proven to transform the confidence, career and lives of returners whilst providing businesses with dedicated and experienced software engineers. Upon programme completion, Returners are ready to seamlessly integrate into your team and make an immediate impact.

Seize the opportunity to invest in engineers that are:


• 53% of returners are women

• 69% are people of colour

• Thanks to their unique career breaks, returners bring incredible diversity of thought and life experience.


• 92% of returners report an increase in their confidence post-programme

• Our unparalleled Career & Mindset coaches specialise in working with career returners to foster workplace confidence and a growth mindset

• While on their career break, returners build ‘human skills’ like negotiation, communication, and problem solving.


• 26% of our Returners have over 10 years experience

• Our returners have commercial experience with brands across the world

• Their previous work experience, coupled with a recent refresher in up-to-date coding, means they are ready to hit the ground running

Returners usually have skills, sometimes unknown to them, that they have acquired in their previous work experience, during their break, or through life events, for instance parenting! Being technical skills or soft skills, those are transferable to modern technologies and day to day collaboration with colleagues, stakeholders or customers.

Mariot Chauvin
Director of Engineering at The Guardian

The programme

Through partnering with a hiring business, our award-winning programme offers these diverse, committed, and experienced individuals a free and accessible route back into tech. Upon completion, each returner has the opportunity to interview with our hiring partner, with the goal of securing a permanent role.

Tech Returners does not teach people to code from scratch, it refreshes the skills people already have. We provide returners with opportunities to practise modern and agile work methodologies and collaborate effectively through activities like pair programming, presentations, and group projects. The result? A truly ‘work-ready’ group of individuals, passionate about getting back to tech and committing themselves to the organisation that chose to invest in them.

By combining industry-leading technical knowledge with career and confidence coaching, we’ve enabled over 200 talented returners back into tech.

How does it work?

1. We team up with your Talent, D&I, and Engineering teams to get a clear picture of your hiring needs. This includes details like how many engineers you want to hire, the programming language you require, the skills and traits you’re looking for and your interview process.

2. Once aligned, we develop a customised plan to attract returner applications. Our specialist Marketing and Onboarding teams own the recruitment for the programme, introducing your business to potential candidates at different touch points including our webinars and Partner Q&As.

3. The Tech Returners programme starts. We help returners to refresh their technical skills and provide coaching to boost their confidence. As our hiring partner, you’ll have chances to engage with your potential future employees, and share your working culture. After the programme ends, you’ll have the opportunity to interview returners. Then, you can decide who you’d like to bring onboard as exciting new additions to your team!

Our specialisms:

  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • C#
  • Data engineering
  • Cloud engineering

One of the things that has been great to see is how quickly they have adapted to returning to a career in tech. Each Returner has their own story, with some having not worked at all in many years, but that hasn't stopped them. All have added value to our culture since joining.

Chris McKenzie
Head of Talent and D&I Champion at Daemon

Our returners

The individuals on our programmes – our returners – have taken a break from their technical career and come from a wide variety of backgrounds. During their time away from tech, they have developed transferrable skills and are passionate about getting back to a career in software development.

Take Huma

who paused her tech career to raise her children and then partnered up with her husband to start an award-winning business in a new country. Huma now thrives as a Software Engineer at

Take Charlie

who also raised her children during her time away from tech. She took on various jobs including data analyst, volunteered at her children’s school, and upskilled herself in technical skills. Charlie now thrives as a Consultant Software Engineer at Daemon.

Take Franco

who experienced grief and took time away from his career to support his family, and channelled his energy into a nonprofit mental health initiative. Franco now thrives as a Software Engineer at On The Beach.


Can we request a specific geographic location of the returners, to be near our office?

Yes. The programme itself is delivered remotely, but during the recruitment and onboarding process we can add specific location requirements to our application process.

How much does the programme cost for a business?

£104,000 – £156,000 for 12-16 returners, dependent on programme language . Sponsoring one returner on our programme costs 50% less than the average cost of a technical hire. Our returners are ready to join your business and hit the ground running in just 8-12 weeks.

How much does the programme cost for a Returner?

Tech Returners is completely free for returning engineers and is taught remotely so there are no costs associated with taking the course. This accessibility lends itself to a great deal of diversity amongst our cohorts, as shown by our statistics above.

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