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Offer your incoming tech team the most valuable onboarding experience on the market.

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Offer your incoming tech team the most valuable onboarding experience on the market.

When you start to scale your business, onboarding new talent is crucial. Get it wrong, and you could be looking at higher turnover rates, but get it right, and your new team members will be delivering business value faster than ever before.

This is why we created our Onboarding Academy, a bespoke solution which will ensure that all your new starters are armed with the right skill set and level of knowledge required to make your business succeed. Our experts will deliver an intensive onboarding bootcamp, tailored specifically to your needs.

Tailor made academies

Gain access to our bespoke Onboarding Academy, giving your new tech starters a collective learning experience right from the beginning. This ensures the best onboarding experience and seamless initiation into your tech team.

Our curriculum can be tailor-made to suit your business needs, ensuring your new starters understand the fundamentals required to succeed whilst supporting them into their new role.

The Onboarding Academy exposes your new tech team to their first technology stack, enabling them to learn subsequent languages, frameworks, and technologies independently and quickly.

Our Tech Professionals

With over 1,500 developers already trained through our bootcamps, we know how to get your new starters performing. Our onboarding academies specialise in the following disciplines:

  • Software Engineers
  • Data Engineers
  • Cloud Engineers

Key features of Onboarding Academy

Bespoke curriculum

Yours to keep and use for future intakes

Training updated in real-time based on senior team feedback and changing business needs


Can you match our tech stack?

Our Onboarding Academies are designed to bring all of your new starters up to the same level of technical knowledge. While we don’t offer to match individual tech stacks as standards, we are always happy to accommodate our clients where we can.

Can the training take place in our office?

We can deliver the training in whatever manner you would prefer. We’ve had some previous clients complete the Onboarding Academy entirely remotely, while others have sent in their team members to one of our hubs to create a better sense of community for these learners. 

Can we run the academy more than once?

Yes. Our team works closely with you to create a bespoke onboarding curriculum which you can roll out time and time again.

What happens when the candidates complete the academy?

Once your new team members have completed the Onboarding Academy, they will be fully integrated into your tech team and ready to deploy as you see fit. 

Book a 1-2-1 consultation with one of our partnership consultants to learn how Onboarding Academy could work for you.

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