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Deploy a mentored team of juniors, and let your seniors thrive.

We know getting juniors into your tech team and up to speed is difficult. To make it work they need mentorship and support, but the people who can do that are already stretched. It’s a familiar tale that we hear from our industry partners and the reason why we introduced Incubate.

Incubate works by matching a team of Northcoders juniors with one of our experienced seniors, all of whom are then deployed into your business. Our Senior Mentor provides guidance and support to the juniors, getting them up to speed on your working style and tech stack. This enables the juniors to start working on your solutions from day one and means they progress very quickly whilst crucially not placing any pressure on your seniors.

Our senior will work closely with your leadership team and advise them when the team of Juniors no longer need this direct support. At this point you’re free to bring the juniors onto your team as full time employees and our senior returns to Northcoders.

What you get with Incubate

Supported recruitment

Simply put, we select and hire a team of Junior Software Developers from our pool of tech professionals. Then we match them with a dedicated Northcoders Senior Mentor to create an Incubated Team.

We will work closely with you throughout the hiring process, ensuring that we create a team of juniors that will be the perfect fit for your business.

Your Juniors - Up to speed

Our Senior Mentor will ensure that your Juniors are delivering the business value you need as quickly as possible. Whether that involves upskilling the incubated team in new tech, building a greenfield project or working on your regular tickets, our senior will enable the team to write, production-quality code quickly.

Guaranteed mentoring

Incubator is designed to get your hires self-sufficient, productive and on an accelerated journey to a mid-level developer.

A bespoke solution

Typically, these projects last at least 6 months, but every problem is different and we’ll work with you to create a solution bespoke to you.

Case Study: EMaC

Discover how Incubate, with its seamless integration process and expert mentoring value-add, not only shields senior talent but also provides valuable opportunities for upskilling. Delve into our EMaC case study which showcases the effectiveness of Incubate in reality and how it is a catalyst for creating dynamic, skilled teams that deliver business outcomes.

We wanted to build a capable software team quickly and have them grow with the business. With the demands on our senior people, we couldn’t realistically get that done in-house as recruitment in a competitive market is incredibly time-and resource-intensive. Northcoders handled all that for us, and the technical mentorship they’re providing to the junior developers has made a huge difference to their trajectory. We were impressed with Northcoders’ speed and responsiveness

Ian Whitford
Chief Technical Officer at R² Factory, Rolls-Royce


What tech can/will the developers learn?

We will upskill our Northcoders grads and train them in your specific tech stack to ensure that they deliver business value. Incubate offers ongoing CPD opportunities throughout the length of the contract so we can teach the team whatever skills your business needs as the project progresses.  

How long does Incubate last?

Incubate has a minimum term of 6 months, but typical incubator projects last around 9-12 months.

What other businesses have you worked with?

We have worked with companies like R² Factory at Rolls-Royce, EMaC and, part of Legal & General. 

How many seniors come with each team?

The number of seniors that we recommend will depend on the size of your incubated team. This is to ensure that the team isn’t lacking mentorship, no matter how big or small it is.

Does it have to be a standalone piece of work, or can the juniors work on existing projects and tickets?

Incubate is designed to support your existing team however you need, and once they are placed in your business, they can be given either project work or part of your team’s regular workload in order to ease the strain on them. 

What happens after the contract is over?

Once the contract has finished, the senior developer will return to Northcoders, and you will have the option to keep members from the incubated team.

Do we have to pay the grads? Or do Northcoders pay them?

Whilst on Incubator projects, juniors are employed by Northcoders and supplied to you on a subscription based contract-to-hire model. At the end of the project you are free to bring them onto your team as full time employees.

Is the senior developer employed by the business, or are they contracted?

The senior member(s) of the Incubated team will only remain with you for the duration of the contract, following which they return to us. 

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