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Hiring software developers has never been easier

We know getting the right developers into your team can be a costly and time-consuming process. With demand still outstripping the number of candidates available, it’s crucial that you get it right the first time. With Northcoders by your side, you can ensure that your business never has this problem again.

Hire is our solution for you to access a diverse pool of highly skilled and talented junior developers ready to deploy directly into your business. Attract and recruit from our Northcoder graduates, giving you the unique ability to select the right people and skill sets and match them with your business needs.

Key features of Hire

Access to our exclusive jobs board

We’ll work with you to perfect your job description, including requirements and salary before adding it to our internal jobs board

Opportunities to network with graduates

Hiring partner pitches can be delivered in person or remotely and offer you an opportunity to introduce your company and role to our students and graduates

A dedicated Partnerships Consultant

You’ll get your own Partnerships Consultant to help guide you through the whole process and check in weekly with the latest CV’s

No hiring fees

In addition to all this, we help you to reduce the ongoing cost of recruitment, as there are no hiring fees to pay when you recruit a Northcoder. Ever.

Our People

Unlike traditional recruitment businesses, we’ve personally trained over 1,500 software developers and we know what good looks like:

Quality First

All of our software developers have been successful in a thorough and competitive recruitment process and have proven their aptitude by completing one of our full-time, 13-week award-winning courses.

A Truly Diverse Talent Pool

We don’t just talk about diversity and inclusion at Northcoders. It is our foundation and our future. No matter where people are from, as long as they have the aptitude to be a coder and the ambition to succeed, they are welcomed with open arms. We work hard to attract people from all walks of life,  giving you the unique ability to select the right people, with the required skill set, based on the needs of your business.

Every Northcoder approaches software development with a problem-solver mindset, and all are taught in a way that makes learning new languages natural – three in four Northcoders graduates code in a language other than JavaScript. Having supported 400+ businesses welcome more than 1500 software developers into their teams over the last 6 years, we are always encouraged by their rapid progression from Junior Developer to more senior positions.

You can access our Northcoders graduate pool via:

  • Job Board
  • Hiring partner pitch to students
  • “Match Me If You Can” events
  • Your Partnerships Consultant

We've hired 16 Northcoders in the last 12 months... All of them are very diligent, keen to learn, hungry; it's been a pleasure dealing with all of them.

James Tew
CEO at iVendi


What process do students go through to join the bootcamp?

All of our Northcoders graduates receive some preparatory work that they complete before the course. This helps them prepare for our Entry Challenge, the hour-long coding challenge which helps our tutors assess their skills, knowledge, and suitability for our bootcamps. While the Entry Challenge isn’t a strict pass/fail test, we only take on people that we know will excel on the bootcamp and currently have a 7:1 application to Entry Challenge pass ratio.   

Which technologies have Northcoders gone on to learn in their workplaces?

According to our 2020 alumni survey, our graduates go on to learn a wide range of technologies once they finish their course. Because we teach them how to learn, not just how to code in one specific language, many Northcoders quickly pick up new technologies. 

Is hiring a junior software developer really free?

Yes. Hiring a Northcoders is really free with no hidden costs and no strings attached. 

What's the process for hiring one of your graduates?

Following a meeting with one of our partnership consultants, employers are encouraged to send over job descriptions for any roles that suit our Northcoders graduates. It will then be posted on our internal jobs board for recent grads and soon-to-be grads to apply for. CVs will then be sent directly to you for you to continue with your normal recruitment process.

Can we meet the Northcoders beforehand?

Absolutely. We encourage all of our hiring partners to engage with our Northcoders by delivering a short hiring partner pitch. This allows you to introduce your company and the role itself to our students and graduates and answer any questions they may have. 

Which other businesses have hired from Northcoders previously?

Currently, we have 400+ hiring partners ranging from local businesses to recognisable names like Barclays, Delloite, Jaguar LandRover, BBC, Thoughtworks, cinch, and Aerocloud Systems, to name a few.

What backgrounds are Northcoders from? Are they University graduates?

We pride ourselves on helping individuals from a wide range of backgrounds break into the tech industry, so there is no “typical” Northcoder. Our graduates vary in terms of previous qualifications but are all equally talented in software development.

What is the average salary a Northcoder is offered?

The average salary our graduates are offered is currently £27,000, and we ask that any role that we advertise has a minimum salary of £25,000.

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