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Work with a true technology partner

We strive to offer our expertise and knowledge to businesses across the nation, allowing them the opportunities to dominate in their market, through a clear focus on technology. Our Partnerships Consultants are here to make sure your business continues to excel.  

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Northcoders students

Long term partnerships not quick sales

We work with other companies by becoming an extension of your existing team and prioritising long-term partnerships over quick sales. Our goal is to be a true technology partner for every business we work with, helping you to grow your tech team by attracting the right people, developing them strategically and retaining them with strong CPD plans.  

What we do for businesses

What we do for every business that we work with is ensure that our company values are at the heart of everything we do. This guarantees that we always deliver a high-quality service and high-quality product while making the tech industry and more diverse and inclusive place. 

We work with companies who hold values similar to ours, which is what makes our industry-leading products and services a cut above the rest. 

We put people first

With empathy and humility, we strive to do the right thing for everyone, even when its not the easiest path to take. 

We champion inclusion

And we actually do. Diversity is our foundation and our future. Whatever your background we stand for you. 

We strive for excellence

That goes for us as well as our students. So, we get every detail right and take pride in everything we do. 

We evolve and adapt

We believe in the power of education to transform lives and future: our courses continually evolve to embrace new tech.

Photo of Liam Bateman

I think the reason that Northcoders has been so successful at what it does is that the technology they're choosing to teach is relevant to the industry. One thing that's always remained important to me and integral to Silverchip is that it does Northcoders still have those values where it's looking out for the students looking out for their best interests and that has remained a fundamental part of what Northcoders is doing. I think that's the most important bit and the reason that it's still our go-to kind of hiring partner for junior talent.

Liam Bateman
CTO and Co-Founder at Silverchip

Photo of Nik Everatt

We've worked with Northcoders for many years. They've been a great source of talent for us. They really got and understood what we were trying to do, and they were very easy to work with; I'd absolutely recommend anybody to work with them in the future.

Nik Everatt
HR Director for Software at Dematic

Photo of Laura Mcinerney

As soon as I got in touch with Northcoders, I found the process to be fantastic. You can see whether or not people's skills and preferences are in maybe more a design area or sort of technical skills, and that helped us hone down straight away to the people that we then invited for a tech test and eventually a longer interview. I was really impressed with everybody that I spoke with at Northcoders.

Laura Mcinerney
CEO and Co-Founder of Education Intelligence

Photo of Matt Stephenson

It's great for me to have somewhere I can go and know that I'm going to get good-quality candidates. You know, broadly speaking, I've never had a bad candidate from Northcoders, so I would continue to use them whenever I'm looking for that sort of skillset or level of experience.

Matt Stephenson
Consultant at Stepthinking

Photo of Yasmin Denardo

I think one of the things that really stands out and that I really love about Northcoders is that it's a local business, and I'm really passionate about making sure that as businesses within the regions, we all keep connected and try to help each other out. I think if anybody wanted to implement a bootcamp or talk about bootcamps or source technical talent, I would definitely refer them to speak to Northcoders.

Yasmin Denardo
Head of Connected Technology Academy at KPMG

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