The big challenges facing HR teams in 2023

The challenges facing HR teams in 2023 are numerous, from the ongoing impact of the pandemic to the cost-of-living crisis and talent shortages. However, there are opportunities for HR professionals to reimagine the way they work, and to take advantage of new technologies and approaches to attract, engage, and retain top talent.

Employee wellbeing will be a top priority in 2023. HR professionals should go beyond mental health support to offer solutions that get to the root of the problem, such as financial wellbeing programs. Flexible and hybrid working is also a significant trend, with many employees now placing a greater emphasis on flexibility. HR teams should be prepared to offer flexible working options and keep an eye on the Flexible Working Bill.

Training and upskilling will also be critical to retaining employees. Investing in professional development with a clearly defined career pathway can make employees feel more valued and less likely to leave for short-term financial gain. Lastly, new technologies and automation are essential to support the shift towards remote and hybrid working. HR professionals should embrace these new technologies and be prepared to upskill themselves and their teams to take advantage of them.

At Northcoders, we understand these challenges and have developed a range of innovative products to support businesses with innovative solutions like our Academies. Our bespoke Onboarding Academy gives businesses the opportunity to offer incoming tech teams a collective learning experience tailored to their specific needs, ensuring that all new starters are armed with the right skill set and level of knowledge required to make the business succeed. With our experience of delivering successful onboarding academies for clients like KPMG and NHS Digital, we can support your business in attracting and retaining top talent in 2023 and beyond.

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