Unlocking Tech Team Agility: 5 Benefits of JavaScript Training for Businesses

Northcoders students doing JavaScript training

We’re often asked the question: “Why is your coding training exclusively focused on JavaScript?”. It’s a query that underpins our unique approach to tech education, bringing value to businesses, and it goes far beyond coding skills.

We believe in more than just teaching code; we believe in empowering individuals to teach themselves to code. This goes beyond just our coding bootcamp, and becomes especially powerful when we’re working with businesses. Whether we’re training non-technical employees to code, or onboarding new graduates from a graduate scheme into tech teams, JavaScript is our secret sauce in this mission. 

Here’s five benefits of our JavaScript training for businesses:

1. Versatility: 

JavaScript is not confined to either frontend or backend development. It’s a universal language, making it a versatile tool in the hands of our learners. Learning JavaScript opens doors to understanding different aspects of web development, from creating interactive websites to building server-side applications. Plus, as a result, transitioning to technologies specific to frontend (e.g., HTML, CSS) or backend (e.g., Python, Ruby) becomes more straightforward.

2. Ecosystem and Libraries: 

JavaScript has a rich ecosystem of libraries and frameworks like React, Angular, and Node.js. These tools simplify various development tasks and allow our learners to create powerful full-stack applications with less effort. Learning how to work with these libraries enhances coding skills that are transferable to other languages.

3. The JavaScript Community and Resources: 

JavaScript has a large, robust developer community. Learners have access to a wealth of online tutorials, forums, and – importantly – documentation, making it a simple mission to find answers and guidance. This support network remains invaluable when exploring new languages.

4. Foundational Concepts: 

JavaScript introduces learners to fundamental programming concepts like variables, data types, loops, and conditionals. These concepts are applicable to other programming languages, providing a strong foundational understanding that eases the learning curve when moving to new languages.

JavaScript fosters the development of valuable programming skills, including object-oriented, functional, and imperative styles. These skills can be easily transferred to various other programming languages, equipping our graduates for a range of challenges.

5. Gentle Learning Curve: 

When it comes to programming languages, JavaScript is considered to have a relatively gentle learning curve compared to others. Its syntax is more forgiving, making it more accessible for newcomers to grasp the fundamental concepts of coding. Starting your coding journey gently helps build a solid foundation for learning more complex languages later on.

Evidence of Success

The proof of our JavaScript training for businesses approach lies in the number of our graduates that go on to learn multiple other programming languages.

  • 1/3 of our students expand their horizons by mastering more than four programming languages upon graduation.

  • 36% of our graduates go on to become proficient in both Java and PHP, showcasing the adaptability and agility of the skills we impart.

This success translates into the workplace. When partnering with businesses to provide technical talent solutions, we have witnessed the transformative impact of our expert training on their tech teams.

“The KPMG x Northcoders programme’s varied curriculum has advanced each person’s tech capabilities and given them new, valuable skills which they can apply to their roles within the business. That is something to celebrate as we continue to inspire, educate and empower young tech talent.”

Tech talent for Tomorrow

This achievement is truly worth celebrating as we continue to educate and empower emerging tech talent. In today’s swiftly evolving tech landscape, where staying ahead is paramount, we understand the significance of preparing for tomorrow, not just for today. Through our focus on JavaScript and its broader implications, we are arming learners with the skills necessary to adapt, thrive, and excel in their roles.

Get in touch today to explore how our JavaScript training for businesses can help your teams prosper. Northcoders Business Solutions is not just about coding; it’s about shaping the future of tech, one empowered learner at a time.

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